Location:  Thunderbird Park

9170 E. Thunderbird Rd. Scottsdale, AZ.

(520) 256-5705

Adult Classes: 
Wednesdays 7-9pm.

$50 annual Bujinkan membership fee & $65 monthly dues (ask about family rates and discounts for active duty military, police, & EMS).  All classes are out of doors, rain or shine.  Students should dress appropriately, as that our temperatures and weather conditions can vary greatly depending on the season.  Uniforms consist of a gi (black for men/boys & purple for ladies/girls), out door tabi, a dojo patch, belt, and official dojo t-shirt.  When the temperature hits 90 degrees we don't wear gi tops, so a proper t-shirt is an important part of your gear.  Weapons, for adults class only, can be picked up as your training evolves.  Please see the instructor for further details.

Kids and Tots Classes:
Wednesdays 6-7pm

Kids classes focus on the foundational elements of the dojo including

kamae (stances), ukemi (rolling), and basic techniques of the

kihon happo.  Manners and dojo etiquette are a consistent part of

every class.  Kids are encouraged to have fun while learning balance,

focus, and developing good social skills.

Kid's class costs include $50 annual Bujinkan membership fee for all students & $45 monthly dues for kids class (ask about family rates).   Please see the above for information on uniforms and gear.

There are bathrooms and drinking fountains on site.  Parents are required to be present for all classes, and welcome to watch and enjoy this amazing moment in their children's lives!


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